Birthday Cakes

I can bake any kind of birthday cake or cupcakes that you would like. I do regular sheet cakes with butter cream frosting all the way to 3-d standing up cakes. Plain to extravagant. I can do any flavor and any size. I do like a two week notice but will do last minute order if possible. All of the pictures of cakes that I have posted here can have the color and or design changed to fit your needs. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed making the cakes.

This cake can be done in any color. It was two flavors covered in butter cream frosting than covered in Fondant. Many people do not like fondant because they think it does not taste good. I only use the best ingredients and this fondant taste great.

This is a butter cream cake 

This cake is covered in fondant Color and design can be changed up very easily.

This was a fun hand-painted cake to do.  

This cake was 3 full size sheet cakes cut into the 100 shape.

No cake order is to small or to big..